Curious about felonies? Here are answers.

  • What is a felony?

    Felonies are more serious crimes with jail consequences determined by a sentencing grid. The sentencing grid takes into account the seriousness of the crime and the person’s criminal history.

  • What should a person charged with a felony expect?

    The first court appearance a person accused of a crime can generally expect is an arraignment. At arraignment the court will advise the accused of the rights the he or she has at trial and the nature of the charge(s) have been filed against him or her. The person will then enter a plea of guilty or not guilty (almost always not guilty at this hearing), and then the court will establish conditions of release, like bail.

  • What if I miss my court date?

    If you fail to appear to any mandatory hearing (most hearings are mandatory), the judge will usually order a bench warrant for your arrest. To get the case back on track, you will need to set a hearing to quash the warrant. You should definitely speak to an attorney before attempting to do this on your own.